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Shop & Play

The 'Shop & Play' morning is 125aed and can be booked here or drop us a message on Instagram @minipopupevents. It is a morning where both you and your little one can relax and have fun! Stay for the full 2 hours of just pop in for a shorter time, running late, no stress, want to leave early, no stress! Whats more is that you get a complimentary coffee and pastry that you can actually drink hot with the support of our free nanny service, available able to give you an extra hand. You will also find a beautiful selection of Dubai, local business offering services and products to buy. Our Shop & Play events are based on pre-registration so that we can manage number of kids so it doesn't get too crowded in the play area.


Centered around you and your little one, 'Shop & Play' mornings are not a traditional, structured class with an instructor informing you what your little one needs to do. The kids are free to roam and play with what they want, when they want it.

The Details

The morning is spit in two sessions, the first is for the early bird and runs from 9-11 and the next session is form 11-1pm

125 AED includes the below:

  • 2 hours of child led open ended play

  • Free resources sheets

  • Coffee and pastry

  • Nanny Service

  • Goody bag/samples


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