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Please connect with us if you are interested in hosting one of our events. We can also connect you with our existing venues to discuss with them how they benefit from collaborating with Mini Pop Up Events. We believe collaboration is always creating a win win win situation which means that both you as a venue as well as our brands and our customers benefit.

Our events drive additional traffic to your venue and generate additional revenue on the day of the event as well as afterwards due to our customers coming back to visit with friends or family. Additionally you will experience increased traffic to your social channels due to being included in our social media marketing campaigns.

2. Large Marketing Reach and Exposure

We guarantee you will see a large spike in social media exposure as all brands we work with will be tagging your venue and on the day the visitors will be sharing lots of beautiful instastories.


1. Increased Footfall & Sales


We will be bringing to your venue 200 plus high net worth mums that will not only spend on the day of the event but we know lots of mums come back post-event with family and friends 

3.Repeat Customers


We guarantee that our guests will come back to your venue in the future


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