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Brands we Love - Chic&Daisy

Not so long ago, Chic&Daisy was born and launched in Dubai by a Mommy of three and an MBA graduate. Bored and frustrated by the pandemic, she decided to take a leap of faith and venture into something she has always been so passionate about: making

Layal didn’t have to look too far nor travel the world to find inspiration for her brand. Her muses were right next to her in the living room, sitting on a comfortable couch, sipping an afternoon juice, and arguing about yet another new trend they discovered! These muses are her two lovely daughters.

Despite their different, contrasting characters, they are quite the inseparable dynamic duo. Just like her daughters, Chic&Daisy is a boho inspired, handmade jewelry brand that thrives on complementary contrasts. It combines class and elegance on one hand with an unassuming, spontaneous, and fashionable personality on the other to create a feeling of approachable elegance!

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