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Why Support Local - 6 Reasons

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Here are 6 reasons to shop local and support small businesses by attending our Mini Pop Up Markets

1. It reduces your carbon footprint

One of the key reasons it’s worth shopping locally is that it reduces your environmental impact. Locally-owned businesses make generally more local purchases, requiring less transportation.

2. It supports your local community

By shopping locally, you are directly contributing to your local community. Your money is going straight back into Dubai – helping it to thrive. Otherwise, you will most probably be supporting a giant chain or conglomerate, meaning your local businesses will suffer.

3. It creates local jobs

By supporting local businesses, you are in turn helping our local economy by creating more jobs. Even a small business needs enough hands to help it sell its products and services, which is why the more we support them, the more jobs will be created and the better off our local communities will be.

4. It’s more personal

Another of the great things about independent businesses is that they’re run by people, not boards or stockholders, and you will likely get to know them. Quite often these people, such as family-run shop owners, will have interesting stories as to how their stores came to be and about the area you’re living in. This personal touch cannot be matched by a chain.

5. You get great customer service

Leading on from the previous point, you’ll generally find you’ll experience much better customer service in smaller, local businesses. Particularly when dealing directly with store owners or their families, you’ll notice that customer service is everything to them – this is what will keep their customers coming back for more. Generally speaking, those working in larger chains won’t be as invested in the business and therefore won’t give the same quality of customer experience.

6. It promotes individuality

With giant chains homogenising communities, independent businesses bring some much-needed originality. Shopping locally promotes individuality and breathes new life into communities that are dominated by generic and commodified companies.

Check out our website to find out when our next market will be - we offer a beautiful selection of unique hand-picked and hand-grown local Dubai brands.

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