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Who We Are

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Mini Pop Up is run by two mums, Eve and Hannah.

Hannah Pierce

"Born in England and lived in Dubai for 11 years now! Who would have thought, I moved here single and now have a husband and 4-year-old twins.

I have two other businesses that I run alongside Mini Pop Up Market, Mumz and Munckinz and Mode Devoted so life is pretty busy. Previous to starting my own businesses my experience was Marketing, worked in luxury retail.

Fun facts about me: I love Fashion, being productive, head massages and wine!"


"Born in the Netherlands with a background in marketing I specialize in branding. I have been in Dubai since 2016 although I first came to Dubai in 2006 and worked for the Jumeirah account.

I have 3 kids ages five, three, and 1 year old. Aside from Mini Pop Up Market I produce organic baby skincare in the Netherlands and follow a Master degree in Strategic Digital Marketing.

Fun facts about me: I love gift wrapping, swimming in the dark and coconut mochi. I never ever wear socks and have a passion for helicopters."

How it all started

We meet at a market, in 2018, that unfortunately wasn't very successful (to say the least) but it got us chatting and we talked about how we could do a much better job our self. 12 months later we launch our first market at The Organic Cafe with just 10 brands. Since then we have grown organically with our biggest market collaborating with over 75 brands.

Our Concept

When we first started brainstorming about running our own market and what we would like it to look like we knew we wanted the same things and would work well together!

We hated the weekend markets as they are such a commitment when you have a family and we also hated the long hours. So our markets are mid-week and only for 4 hours, it's a concept that really works. We also wanted a boutique look and feel, with a focus on consumer service and making sure all the third parties we work with benefit from working with us. Having our own brands means we know how hard small businesses work and we generally want to support them as much as possible.

If you have not attended or worked with us - we hope to hear from you soon.

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